Ramon and Lorrie Chavez.

Chaves Knives are crafted for heavy duty use and made with the some of finest materials for durability and edge retention. More than just a functional knife, a serious cutting tool that will last a lifetime.

I love making knives because it is so gratifying to turn raw materials into something useful, and to know that people appreciate the effort that I put into their knife.

Thanks to all my customers who have supported me and my work. Lorrie and I appreciate every one of you.

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"Amazing product! You can tell the craftsmanship that goes into his products."

- Brent

"Ramon and the family have always been a pleasure to work with. Thanks again for an amazing transaction for a once again amazing product!"

- Jason

"Can't say enough great things about Chaves Knives. The products are always incredible and Lorrie & Ramon are so nice."

- Nik

"Amazing product as expected from anything Ramon Chavez touches! Freaky fast shipping and simple process!"

- Ryan AKA @youngmoneytactical

"Another great transaction with Chaves!"

- Rick


- David